Increasing Public Awareness of
Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases

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Helpful Health Information from the Council

At the Council for Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases, in Rockville, Maryland, USA, we are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with comprehensive information on Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases that can affect newborn babies as well as advocating for more research and development of treatment drugs.

Who Is the Council for Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases?
The Council is a voluntary association of individuals, patients, healthcare professionals, and commercial entities interested in spreading the word about Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases.
The Council is incorporated as a nonprofit charitable organization in the State of Maryland and is now actively seeking Internal Revenue Service classification as a 5Ol(c)(3) organization.
Why Was the Council Formed?
The Council was formed in order to increase public awareness of Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases through educational materials, and public forums, and to facilitate access to diagnostic methods and new treatments. It is our intent to have the Council develop a public forum to discuss these diseases and provide for better understanding of these diseases.

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Our educational materials are available to patients and their families, medical professionals, and the public. We are public advocates for increased levels of research into diagnostic methods and new treatment options. Your membership in the Council strenghtens your voice and helps to achieve our stated goals.
Membership Benefits:
We welcome your participation by becoming a member. By joining our organization, you will help to support people afflicted by Bile Acid Deficiency Diseases.  You will also gain access to information on research and treatment developments, as well as providing parents of children suffering from these disorders a public forum for discussion of issues important to patients and their families.

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